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As much as we like to toot our own horn and tell you the ways that our education is better than that of our competition, we figured it would mean more coming from some of our many satisfied customers.



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4.5 out of 5 stars



4.5 out of 5 stars



4.5 out of 5 stars



Kim R.

Texas: Pre-Licensing Course

"I did it! Earlier this week I passed both my National and State Exam on my first try! I took all 6 of my prep courses via The CE Shop and then did the Exam Prep Edge. My courses were all finished back in February, but then COVID 19 made me keep postponing my exam until this week. I kept putting in weekly study time and it all paid off! I feel like my The CE Shop courses thoroughly prepared me to be successful on my National and State Exam. Thank you, The CE Shop."

"This was my first time taking the CE course! I loved the refresher of material and all in the comfort of my home. I will definitely recommend it to my fellow agents."

Veronica M.

Connecticut: CT Real Estate Agency Law Review & Fair Housing Course

Delisia I.

Delaware: Pre-Licensing Salesperson Course

"Very user-friendly and easy to understand. I enjoyed the scenarios that were used to help understand the content."

"This was a GREAT option since I had not taken the course but need to renew my license. I was able to take the course in the comfort of my own home in my own timing... EXCELLENT!"

Tamika M.

Georgia: GA Mandatory License Law Course

Parker P.

Kentucky: Affordable Housing: Solutions for Homes & Financing Course

"I typically loathe doing these types of things, but this was a tremendously beneficial topic to take a deep dive on for continuing ed. Please continue to provide courses that provide valuable insight to the folks required to take them!"

"I found the course design to be wonderfully conducive to learning the material. The constant quizzing makes it easy to remain focused and absorb the material. I'm glad I chose this course!"

Jason M.

Missouri: MO Salesperson
Pre-Examination Course

Kendal S.

Arizona: Ethical Business Practices in Arizona Course

"I also work a full time job (and am on our Town Council) so I find it hard to attend the required classes - this format is AWESOME! Thank you so much for all you do! Thank you again and again for the convenience of taking these courses as I am able!"